the Faery who was kissed by the pixies (faerymistress) wrote in theafterbirth,
the Faery who was kissed by the pixies

rashy baby-cross posted

last night she went down around 11pm and slept straight threw until noon, not at all like her, but i figured maybe she is growing and see no reason for waking her,(baby's body's know what they need) i check on her every little bit and sleep in myself. she woke up at noon and sucked down a bottle. i had changed her diaper when she woke up but not her clothes since she had been so fussy. after she ate she was still fussy but full, i took her into her room unsnaped her PJs and un snaped her onsie and pulled off over her head. she was covered from head to toe in a rash. i assume its egzma her father has it something horrable and she has seen a DR for it a few weeks before but after useing the cortizone 5% from our DR it had cleared up. i have kept useing it even though it was cleared up to keep it from returning. the closer i looked the more it was there, she has a pink skin tone so it isn;t always clear when you are changing her unless you realy look. she also had spots of it on her arms and legs which has never happend. no wonder she was so fussy. she did seem warm but i took her temp and she was 97.9 , i called my mom who said she had just talked to my aunt (who is a DR ) and told her of Maggies skin troubles a few weeks ago, she said my cousins baby had awful skin and told us to try AQUAPHOR. so my mom went and got it. when she got here i bathed my daughter with only water to clean off any cream build us and slathered her in this greasey ointment, her cheeks and chin are also all broken out. my mom said she thinks she might be teething. Rashes tend to get worse when a baby teeths and she has started to drool and is cranky alot today, but she is so little , she will be three months on monday, so isn;t it too young to be teething? doesn anyone know any good way to help her skin?
if its not better tomorrow i am calling the poor rashy baby
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