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I wanted to invite you to my journal. I will be writing out commentaries about my days as a daycare teacher (all true stories with names changed to protect my children and parents, as well as to protect myself). Please feel free to add this journal to your friends list.

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my daughter is 18 months and i didn't plan to start to potty train until she was over 2 but she has been showing sighs and i am wondering
is she is two younge even if she is interested. she follows us to the bathroom and flushes, she says " bye bye PeePee" and she tells us when her diaper is wett or poopie. and then tonight she naked in the bathroom while i drew her a bath and she tried to climb on the toilet and when i stoped her she peed on the floor, so i was wondering am i crazy to think she could use a little potty? or should i wait until she is over 2.

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Hi there!

I’m a student in Psychology and Education at Penn State, trying to get some early information for a study-to-be.  Right now, I’m just collecting data to get a feel for the kinds of answers I’ll get by using certain questions (so i can set up a good questionairre for the actual study) and anything you’d send to me would be totally confidential.  I’ve set up a survey with some questions about reading motivation in your kids and your reading behaviors at home.  If you have the time, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!  Thank you so much!

PS:  also, i'm sorry if this isn't allowed in this community, i wasn't certain - feel free to delete me if it's not allowed here.


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my daughter is about to turn a year so i was wondering, i know they can have chocolate after a year but what about things like scrambled eggs or honey, or anything cooked with nuts or fish. are they are after a year or are they longer, i mean i'm not going to start giving my kid nuts and fish, but its just good to know, she might have something cooked in eanut oil or a fish stick ya know.
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miss maggie mae is a big girl.....

when my daughter was born eyes still fill with tears when i think of it.....that little cry, her cheeks where so fat it was crazy, i never saw cheeks like that, the hung like a bull dog and she had jaules, her mouth was so small like a bow and her her mouth turns down when she slees just like her mommies in fact thats was the first thing that andy noticed about her. her eyes looked asian because she was fat and she was so alert for a little baby, she stayed awake for hours at 5 days old ...she would only doze in her carseat after the first month, and for 2 months everynight i rocked her carseat until my arm was numb. at 3 months she moved to her crib, and i must have gone to check on her every hour threw the night, i love my husband so much more as a father, they love he feels for her is so beautiful and he is such a good father, i wish i could just go back in time for a few minutes to hold my little bean bag baby, her legs all frog like on my chest, those first little coo's and smiles... today my daughter walked around the table for the first time. as she did this i watched the video of her first few month. it already seems so long ago, we are on the thresh hold of big girlhood, one month and she is a year old, she can cold her cu and she eats real food, and throws tantrums and has her own wants and intersets, her own dislikes and likes,but she is still my little baby and always will be, even when she old and gray...i am so glad i have those video's
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Hi I'm new!

Hi all! I'm soo glad I've found this community! I've been fairly active in the pregnancy boards after I found out I was pregnant, but now I've had my baby and I would love to hear some advice/compare stories with you all!

I had my baby boy via c-section July 25, 2003 at 10:37 am. He was 7lbs 13oz and 21 1/2 inches long. I was in labor for 36 hours [35 1/2 w/ no drugs], and got up to 5 cm dialated. Logan's heart rate was too high for too long though and I ended up having to get a c-section because as it turned out Logans cord was coming out with his head which made him not get enough oxygen.

He was a little shakey at first, but Logan is doing great now! We took him to Walmart to get his photo debut! And here are the pics.

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I'm probably partial, but isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?
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so yesterday maggie wakes up at 11, which is raither late for her. but i chalked it up to the busy day the day before, i undress her and she is covered from head to toe with Red and her tummy is "weeping" (like sweating but not sweat from an infection) so i take her to the DR and they give her a persctiption for Arithamirsen , an Anti Biodic.
i get it filled, and head home. i go to give it to her and i see on the bottle it says 1.25cc's so i look at the droper and their is no cc's, only Teaspoons and ML. so i call CVS need to bother the busy DR for a simple Question like that. and ask how many CC's Equal a Tsp. or ML. and they say 1.25 is one and a half ML which is the same as one and a half TSP. i say are you sure, i have never given her any one and a half of anything. they say no its fine
so i grab the TSP Droper and give her one full teaspoon. of anti bodic and her 3/4 tsp of Benidryl. give her a bath and cover her in cream and give her PJ;s and floor time, the some Fruite and Bottle and off to bed.
today i wake up and she is fine. not a spot of red on her. and i think wow thats weird. last time it took like 2 days of medicain not one dose. so i dress her, feed her some Bannana and a bottle and take out her meds. this time for no reason i just happen to measer on the ML side........1 ML is 1/4 teaspoon. and then i remember 1/4 is what she got last time and i look it up on line, yup 1.25 cc is a 1/4 teaspoon not one and a half teaspoons. they told me to give her 6 times what she was suposto get, i gave her four.
i felt a pit in the bottom of my stomic....i mean what if it was a diffrent medicain, what if she had never had it and was allergic....what if i give her a 1/4 and call CVS to yell, the lady was so nice and said she would get to the bottom of this. my mom said don;t call the DR if she seems fine, andy said call maybe we shouldn;t give it to her anymore
so i listen to andy, he was right, since the red is gone don't give her anymore, the DR looks up stuff and calls poison control to double check...she may get some diearah later but thats about all. the DR said never go by her acting fine, something that do damagedo it slowly..even over a few days.
Stupid people at CVS.
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