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miss maggie mae is a big girl.....

when my daughter was born eyes still fill with tears when i think of it.....that little cry, her cheeks where so fat it was crazy, i never saw cheeks like that, the hung like a bull dog and she had jaules, her mouth was so small like a bow and her her mouth turns down when she slees just like her mommies in fact thats was the first thing that andy noticed about her. her eyes looked asian because she was fat and she was so alert for a little baby, she stayed awake for hours at 5 days old ...she would only doze in her carseat after the first month, and for 2 months everynight i rocked her carseat until my arm was numb. at 3 months she moved to her crib, and i must have gone to check on her every hour threw the night, i love my husband so much more as a father, they love he feels for her is so beautiful and he is such a good father, i wish i could just go back in time for a few minutes to hold my little bean bag baby, her legs all frog like on my chest, those first little coo's and smiles... today my daughter walked around the table for the first time. as she did this i watched the video of her first few month. it already seems so long ago, we are on the thresh hold of big girlhood, one month and she is a year old, she can cold her cu and she eats real food, and throws tantrums and has her own wants and intersets, her own dislikes and likes,but she is still my little baby and always will be, even when she old and gray...i am so glad i have those video's
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