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I need more of it! *yawns* I thought babies' sleep schedules were supposed to get better the older they got, not worse...

Shan's Old Schedule:
Fall asleep at 10 PM
Sleep until 4 or 5 AM
Sleep until 8 or 8:30 AM
Get up for the day

Fall asleep at 10 PM
Sleep until Midnight
Sleep until 2 AM
Sleep until 5 AM
Sleep until 7 or 7:30
Get up for the day

I thought maybe she was waking up to eat out of habit but I can't get her to calm down or go back to sleep without putting the boob in her mouth. Ugh, I'm stressed...

Any ideas on why she'd go back to her newborn schedule all of a sudden? I thought maybe a growth spurt but she's fine during the day. She'll be 3 months & 2 weeks old on Wednesday.
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Has anyone heard of gentian violet dye for getting rid of thrush? If so, does it work well? Where can it be purchased? My nephew has thrush for the 3rd time and can't seem to get rid of it. The medication the doctor gave my SIL just doesn't seem to work.
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Tear jerker!

"Did you ever think, dear Mother,
As the seeds of me you sowed,
As you breathed new life inside of me
And slowly watched me grow,
In all your dreams about me
When you planned me out so well,
When you couldn't wait to have me there
Inside your heart to dwell,
Did you ever think that maybe
I was planning for you, too
And choosing for my very own
A mother just like you?
A mother who smelled so sweet and who
Had hands so creamy white,
A tender, loving creature
Who would soothe me in the night?
Did you ever think in all those days
While you were coming due,
That as you planned a life for me
I sought a life with you?
And now as I lay in your arms,
I wonder if you knew
While you were busy making me,
I was choosing you!"

Author unknown
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rashy baby-cross posted

last night she went down around 11pm and slept straight threw until noon, not at all like her, but i figured maybe she is growing and see no reason for waking her,(baby's body's know what they need) i check on her every little bit and sleep in myself. she woke up at noon and sucked down a bottle. i had changed her diaper when she woke up but not her clothes since she had been so fussy. after she ate she was still fussy but full, i took her into her room unsnaped her PJs and un snaped her onsie and pulled off over her head. she was covered from head to toe in a rash. i assume its egzma her father has it something horrable and she has seen a DR for it a few weeks before but after useing the cortizone 5% from our DR it had cleared up. i have kept useing it even though it was cleared up to keep it from returning. the closer i looked the more it was there, she has a pink skin tone so it isn;t always clear when you are changing her unless you realy look. she also had spots of it on her arms and legs which has never happend. no wonder she was so fussy. she did seem warm but i took her temp and she was 97.9 , i called my mom who said she had just talked to my aunt (who is a DR ) and told her of Maggies skin troubles a few weeks ago, she said my cousins baby had awful skin and told us to try AQUAPHOR. so my mom went and got it. when she got here i bathed my daughter with only water to clean off any cream build us and slathered her in this greasey ointment, her cheeks and chin are also all broken out. my mom said she thinks she might be teething. Rashes tend to get worse when a baby teeths and she has started to drool and is cranky alot today, but she is so little , she will be three months on monday, so isn;t it too young to be teething? doesn anyone know any good way to help her skin?
if its not better tomorrow i am calling the poor rashy baby
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Just an FYI

Babies R Us has Carter's outfits for Buy One, Get One Half Off... adorable stuff as always!! I bought a 2 piece yellow outfit that has a bear peeking out the front and a matching shirt, a red dress with matching bloomers that has a rainbow butterfly on the front and says A Beautiful Butterfly, and a pink and white striped jumper with a fuzzy rabbit on the front!
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We're going to Canada this weekend to visit with family and show off Shanley for the first time. We're staying with DH's grandma who smokes like a chimney. :\ She won't smoke near Shan, nor will I let her... but her home just *smells* like cigarettes... will that smell that's in the walls & paint hurt her in any way? Any way I can make our sleeping area cleaner?
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6 Week Checkup

This should have been Shanley's 4 week checkup but the doctor was on vacation and this was the earliest I could get her in.

Whatever worries I had about her not eating and getting enough nourishment are gone... she now weighs 10 pounds 1 ounce (as compared to 7 pounds 13 ounces at her 1 week checkup). She's also gone from 20 to 21.5 inches. She's in the 75th percentile for her head size and weight, and 50% for her height... maybe she'll end up a shortie like her momma (I'm 5'4"). Poor pup got her 2nd immunization short and she screamed bloody hell.

I asked Doc why are eyes are still so yellowy and she sent her to the hospital to get her bilirubin checked. It's still kinda high - but not in the danger zone. When we left the hospital (4 days old), it was 11.5 and it was 8.4 when they checked it today.... which isn't *that* bad. It's coming down, just slowly - which, according to my doctor, can sometimes happen with breastfed babies. If she still looks yellowy when we go back in 3 weeks for her 2 month checkup, then she might have her bilirubin checked again.

Other than that, she's tuckered out after all that crying (she screamed bloody hell during the bloodwork too) and she's snoozing on the couch... she's been cuddly and needing extra love from her momma all day.
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